A Letter to Minor Parties: The Sacrifice of Neutrality

For what its worth, you are right that my messaging itself is course and does not convey the empathy I feel for the individuals fighting and the civilians suffering the consequences of something they have no power to change. The souls consumed by the conflict is unfathomably sad. However, the view I must hold when it comes to the power structures containing those individuals is to advocate for the individuals that live under that power structure. I will always question a government whether or not they have the advantage in a conflict no matter how long they had it. I will first look at how those leaders were selected and determine if they operate consistent with what would be considered a maximally consensual governing structure. If those specific people came to power not through consensual means but through some force then I would say all sides should first rise up against that force and then settle what conflicts remain between them using the mechanisms of cooperation we all agree on and at the conclusion of said revolution.

I am devoted to this cause of global unity such that I sacrifice my own personal views about who started it and who is responsible to see that cause bare fruit. It is a voluntary sacrifice but a necessary one. I am not asking you to think as I do. I am asking you to understand why I am thinking as I am and understand why I think it is necessary to be as I am in order for this whole thing to be successful.

You asked me to find a way to talk to privileged people. From a programmer’s perspective privileged mean admin and root access. The Only way I can deliver them is speaking their language without compromising the core foundation of what makes civilization tick. To make the benefits obvious to them, true and real benefits, it will reduce . Do unto others as you have them do unto you is a good message. Love thy neighbor as yourself and Love your Enemy as your neighbor are good values.

To the original point that started this. IF you are pro-Palestine then you must be able to believe that Israel is destroyable or Reformable. I’m pretty sure if you try to destroy it everyone will destroy you either quickly or slowly and painfully but they will destroy you just the same. Likewise if you are Pro Israel you must think Palestine is either reformable or destroyable. Likewise, anyone who destroys Palestine will themselves be destroyed.

That leaves two and only two options. Reform or Extinction. And nobody is immune.

I choose not death: https://linktr.ee/cosmopolitanparty

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