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I can no longer do this without you. I am talking to specifically. I need you. You know something is wrong with the way things are operating and it seems like there is no stopping it getting worse. There are a lot of hopeless people out there and you may be one of them. Well I get it. And you’re right. And rather than working together to fix it we are all fighting each other and either blaming each other for the problem directly, or blaming people for not being supportive of enough of a given side or blaming people for not saying the right thing. Its a mess. Well…all I can say is I have a plan to make it better. I know what needs to be done at the universal scale and I have a plan on how to grow it.

If you follow me on this path and we are successful I believe we can have a better life for ourselves, our friends and our foes. Whether our foes will do the same or not for us is immaterial. If you can understand loving your enemy as you love your neighbor and you can understand loving your neighbor as yourself then you are pretty much there and the rest is details.

And so to the details…I need:

1) Content Writers/SEO Experts – There is a lot of copy on this website to try and get the idea across and I recommend you read it but FIRST I am going to acknowledge that except for the Constitution itself, I prompt engineered a lot of the other copy. I was very specific on my prompts as there was a given formulaic theme. I reviewed their results to get the general idea across but going back through it to make those articles SEO friendly and reframing the wording to be more human oriented is going to be a task. I have a philosophers mind and a network engineers problem solving capacity. I can engineer elegant solutions, but breaking these high concepts into general audience chunks is hard and it takes a lot of explaining…

2) Brand Strategists – ….from my perspective at least. Maybe you know a different way to pitch the same concepts. Can you make pitch decks to demonstrate how the party is valuable for specific target audiences? You will see in the menu I have a set of letters to audiences that I believe should be targeted in order to enact broad change. Can you see the world from their perspective and create messages that appeal to them in portable ways?

3) Graphic Designers/Merch Experts – There is a symbol of the organization but I need an expert in making appealing merchandise that uses it. Graphic Designers and/or Product Experts and amateurs are encouraged to apply.

4) Discord Experts and Moderators – The community is going to need a lot of people to manage and so I need a lot of people to manage them.

5) LAMP Stack, WordPress, & Network Engineers/Technical Support. – I built the server environment this website runs on and configured the WordPress modules but I need assistance taking it to the next level.

6) Web Designers – This website is on a slow platform and can probably be redesigned on a slimmer framework that is more scalable but essentially performs the same task.

7) Translators – Speaking of, I need translators. I have to confess that I am one of those stereotypical English speakers who only speaks English. I am currently relying on machine translation and its getting really good. But as we grow we are going to need to have the human touch when it comes to negotiation, video work, and copy that costs money to print. This is a global movement and not everyone can speak more than 1 language and there is a good chance its different than English. Individuals who know multiple languages are invaluable and correct the imperfections of machine translation.

8) Volunteer Coordinators – Someone has to manage the teams.

9) Fundraisers – Someone needs to come up with a way for us to pay for all the people we will need to hire to advance the agenda. I have a merch shop and a donation button and a membership system.

10) Accountants – I have a bank account setup and I have the forms for taxes but I am not an expert in this field. If you have experience with this I would love hearing from you.

11) Legal Experts – I am currently paying a Lawyer as a Service company a retainer to ask questions. Having inside counsel would be very beneficial especially in the fields of constitutional law in their own regions, and international law.

12) Board of Governers/Department Heads – Someone needs to manage the managers.

13) Task List Manager/Chief of Staff – Someone needs to update this list.

So that’s what I need off the top of my head. To paraphrase a famous princess. You are our only hope.

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